Don’t Let Anyone Keep You From "DREAMING" !!!

Dare to Dream with NYS

Dreams are not what you see while sleep, dreams are what will never let you sleep  – A.P.J Abdul Kalam


Every one of us, when we were just a kid, has a common trait – we all were “Dreamers”. No dream seemed too big for us to accomplish at that age. The world hadn’t gotten to us yet to show us that we couldn’t possibly achieve what our hearts longed for. And we were yet still years from realizing that in some cases we aren’t built for achieving our dreams.


People begin to tell us that we couldn’t do the things we wanted. It is impossible! Just settle down, get a job or take care of your business, be dependable, be content!


Eventually we start to let our dreams die. These stumbling blocks tend to sidetrack us, get us down, deter us, help us to procrastinate and avoid our dreams and overwhelm us. Most people allow those obstacles to get in the way of their goals and let their hopes snuffed out. We just don’t want to fail; no one wants to.


But one needs to realise that failure is a part of life; it’s a springboard for achieving anything you want in your life.


Remember that it takes courage to dream. And any time you dare to dream, there are risks involved. What if it never happens? What if it costs too much? What if people laugh at you?


We know that it is hard to hold on to your dreams. It is hard to believe when the world around and those around you give you no reason to pursue or continue with your dreams. But one thing we know for certain is you’ll never fulfil a dream that you let go of.


The distance between dream and reality is called ACTION. So stand up and act. You can only leave footprints when you walk. No dreams can be achieved sitting idle. Remember, one good thing about dream is that they don’t come with expiry date. So always take a deep breath and try again. Don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let anyone keep you from dreaming. 


There is no place on the earth where the dreams seem to be unachievable, except one ‘your own thinking’. Therefore don’t waste your precious energy doubting your dream, rather look and understand your capabilities and utilize your potential in accomplishing it.


Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality !!!!- Jonas Salk