If you’re planning to visit more than 4 national parks you should definitely get annual pass which cost only $80 per vehicle and it allows you to visit 90% of the parks in US. Once, none of the car shops near our breakdown had parts to match our car, so we had to drive over 150 miles in the tow truck to the nearest shop that did. Method 3 Most of the campsites are in google maps and you can find reviews or the official website. Happily married to Jacob. If you fly and arrive somewhere outside of a city at the airport you will need transportation, either Uber or a rental car since outside of Metro areas public transportation is not very available. As you get older you won’t be willing to be as creative, but if you are young, be willing to take risks and just live on noodles for a week if traveling really means so much to you. Some people want to live in a nice house, but are willing to drive a beater car. Well, USA is definitely not the cheapest country for travellers, but it’s not impossible to travel cheap either. Although people assume that renting or buying a car in the United States is inherently cheaper, it is certainly easier. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we start, I have to point this out!! Best way is to split most of the expenses when you travel in a group of (2-4). It’s definitely more affordable and more attractive when it comes to the choice. In the USA is very common to buy things/use things/return! Rooms start around $40 a night, but including tax, they work out to be $60 on average. Generally, if you stay in the suburbs of a city, you’ll find free parking as well as lower rates for hotels. One of the best websites for this purpose is craigslist.com. You can get cheap/good/spacious vans in the USA quite easily. oh and i found your page during looking up for some cool videos on youtube. Renting a car in the United States. One of the most popular motel budget networks is “Motel 6”, 7 Best Travel Pillows for Frequent-Travelers & Backpackers 2020. Free route guides are available on board each train, telling you what to look out for from the window, and the scenery on many routes is world class. Check the video from our USA road trip or our travel quotes for some inspiration! UN confirms that Bali is ready to open for international tourists, 600+ Flights Canceled in the US East Coast Due to a Storm, Hawaii’s largest beach resort reopening as tourism slowly recovers, Morocco remains open to tourists from 67 countries with PCR tests, 17 Best places to travel for vacation during COVID winter 2020-21, Hawaii remains open to tourism but requiring quarantine or test, 20 Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere in 2021, Houston is booming and attracting US remote workers from NYC, LA, Chicago, Georgia Launches “Visa” for Remote Workers from 95 countries, Miami trying to become US remote workers “workcation” hotspot for 2021, A quick summary of discounts & coupons you can use, b. USAA.com – discount (Social Security N. Required), Car Insurance – if possible avoid the rental company. Note: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. 23 Best TRAVEL WEBSITES 2020 – handpicked by Travel Gurus! Disclaimer: This article about USA road trip tips contains various affiliate links. Enjoy your trip… it would be amazing if you could pass some more tips for US road trip! Another tip for this is to check to return policy of places like Wallmart, Best Buy, etc. It’s all based on references from other so-called couchsurfers! <br /><br /><br />
. If you’re on a budget and open to something different while road tripping across the US, it’s often legal to camp for free in National Forests (check ahead) as well as state parks. and What-a-burger in Texas. I almost book the car for crazy money, but then I found you tips for renting and saved 500 bucks straight away. Feel FREE to contact us if you have any questions or advice on what to add to the article. When a purchase is made via those links we might earn a commission from the sale. We recommend planning your trip according to gas price map which is very detailed and helpful. I’m a huge fan of Roadside America, a guide to weird things in America along driving routes. American expat and cat lover from New York City who lived in Amsterdam…. [Last updated in 2019] With the changes in travel restrictions for US citizens to Cuba, many more people are now planning their visits to the island.If you’ve got a limited budget but still want to see as much of Cuba as possible, then please keep reading my guide for the cheapest way to travel to Cuba. While registering you’ll need basic info, social security number and for the question about military members be honest you answer “none”. It’s a non-profit organization offering road services to their members in all over the United States and Canada. It can be cheaper to buy a car in the US, but I’ve heard the process is very hard for foreigners who are only visiting. Traffic in USA can be a real pain in the a**. This will allow you to avoid paying fees for additional driver, under 25 years and it gives you also a discount of the total rental price. Summer travel is available in July and August,but departure times are spottier. There are plenty of options and you can find accommodation as low as $20-40 per night for single room or bed in a dorm room. Campsites in the United States are usually in great condition and come with BBQ grill, fire pits, showers, restrooms, wifi access, etc. If you’re on a budget, the flights as well as the baggage fees can add up quickly. If you’re on a tight budget, the chain restaurants often have a lot to offer. You can find every single hotel/hostel there with a lot of customer reviews. If you’re from the US or you’re planning to stay longer, there are options for building your own caravan from the van! Here is our cost: **NOTE: these prices apply to our costs in 2015, so the prices now can differ. USA cross country road trip can take quite a lot of time and transportation is definitely an expense you should consider and plan the most! You might be able to pay cash for your rental but for security (deposit) reasons they always require valid credit/debit card! Los Angeles, California. This is pretty straight forward! One single tow will make your money back. USA cross country road trip can take quite a lot of time and transportation is definitely an expense you should consider and plan the most! We simply can’t say everything will work 100%. This is a guest post by fellow Intentional Traveler, Alyssa Padgett.She and her husband, Heath, embarked on an epic U.S. road trip in 2014 to film their documentary, Hourly America.If you’re curious about how to visit all 50 states in America, this post will start you out with a 48 state road trip cost and give you travel tips to make it happen. In bigger cities, you can find hostels and take advantage of shared (dorm) rooms which can some costs $15 / night. I can’t say that bus travel in the United States is glamorous, however it will get you 70% of the way between point A and point B. I filter by $ and I often need to take out cash as the best places are often hole-in-the-wall places that don’t always take credit cards. A single tow can cost you in the hundreds if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. But with practice, you can learn how to book super cheap flights and save tons of money. backpacking in USA, Cheap travel in USA, usa, USA city break The USA is the land of the automobile, but what if you’ve got no wheels or – shock horror – can’t drive ? Some of the toll roads can surprise in unexpected locations and prices might also very high. Amtrak ticket prices generally don't fluctuate up and down like airline tickets. There might be a 1$ / per gallon just within the state and $2 differences between different states. These rooms usually have desk, small TV, small fridge, AC, closet etc. What’s in this article about budget travel in America. Increasingly, I’ve found that Airbnb and VRBO are the most affordable accommodation options in the United States as you often can rent just a room if you’re on a tight budget or an entire apartment/house with a kitchen. Buying a used car involves risks, such as repairs, scams but on the other side, you might make money out of it. So you wonder, how much would it cost to travel across America? HOT Tip – Register on USAA, a website for military members and their families where you can get discounts without ever being somehow involved, not even being US citizen. Some parts of USA can be really hot (up to 45°C). The United States is home to a wide range of vacation spots that offer ample activities at reasonable prices. In some situations, you must pay as it’s impossible to leave New York City by car without paying a toll. It’s now been 10 years since I sold everything and left the United States to travel the world. At the end of the trip, you will maybe end up just throwing these things away because you can’t carry them all! If you’re traveling last minute, bus travel is not always the cheapest way to travel around the US, so definitely see if you can get a car. Great article! It’s often good to research what’s the popular food near you. When it comes to big towns in USA, traffic can be your worse enemy but you can be smarter and outplay it. But you probably already know how to do this with your day-to-day living expenses. AAA is another interesting website that can be very useful in North America! Simply, figure out what food is cheap where you’re going. . When you are traveling on a budget this is the perfect opportunity to save loads of money on your basic necessities. This TIP a very tricky but for some low cost (around the world) travelers it might be very useful. Now, living in The Hague, the Netherlands. Isnt this illegal in the US? It was perfect as all the couples had their own bedroom, we could all hang out in the living room, and we had a refrigerator. Maybe through some other person who can register and get it for you! Because of the nature of the app, you can’t book the rooms too far in advance (The maximum is 1 week) so you cannot really rely on it but if you are flexible with your accommodation options then this might be the perfect option for you. If you book Amtrak in advance, you can find cheaper tickets for traveling around the US on a budget. Cheap eats: Tootie’s, YinzBurgh BBQ; Pittsburgh might not be an obvious choice for a travel destination for travellers looking for a group tour, but it’s got its share of memorable attractions—from a museum dedicated to Andy Warhol to bridge-peppered panoramas seen from lofty perches. Some of the rental companies don’t accept debit cards, so I strongly suggest checking it out before you make a reservation! For … If you do not have an early flight, be careful about getting flights before 9am as you will need to get to the airport and public transit can make that difficult. If you’re prepared to face less-than-idyllic weather, you could save even more money on airfare and hotels by traveling during off-peak seasons. There are 1000s of budget tracking apps out there, and you will definitely be able to find at least one that suits your style and helps you track your expenses. 2. It’s part of the marketing strategy of those huge shopping networks anyway! More generally, I recommend staying in smaller towns or rural areas rather than big cities. Be mindful that many American airports don’t always have the best connections with the city center, so you must also account for the cost of getting to the airport. One of the most popular motel budget networks is “Motel 6”  or “Super 8” hotels network. an accident), but if you have a flat in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need to call a tow truck to get it to the nearest shop where it can be fixed using your insurance (who hopefully covers the damage). One note of caution is that American downtown city centers are not universally great areas and often, the nicest parts of American cities are outside of the downtown area. Hotel Tonight is a pretty neat app that helps you save loads of money on accommodation in big cities like Miami, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Check our locators http://www.walmartlocator.com/rv-parking-at-walmart/, i read so many articles abt road trips in USA but this one is the most usuful to me! Don’t judge the place by its exterior as some of the best food I’ve had has been in an ugly strip mall at a little shop that seemed sketchy. (Costs is between 10 USD – 40 USD). The United States is a huge country. In trying to save money, I’ve stayed at some dodgy motels although they ended up being fine. Bus carriers like Greyhound stop through major cities, so there are tons of options as … Stay in cheap hotels — When you can’t find a Couchsurf or Airbnb to use at the last minute, there is a plethora of cheap roadside hotels such as Motel 6 and Super 8 to the rescue. There are a number of apps to help you save money on gas. This varies a lot from place to place, but generally cooking will save you the most money as American grocery stores generally aren’t so expensive. We’ve done our US road trip recently. The rest of the way? We recommend refilling your bottles in hotels or camping sites! Know where to look when researching cheap flights. Make sure you double-check tips you find here (before you make booking or payment) just because you never know when it can change. In general, staying at the beach is always cheaper in the off-season, and it … You can easily find rental websites that compare the prices for you and when you book your car through them, you can get pretty cool discounts and save up to 200 – 500 USD. Accommodation – The US doesn’t have many hostels. Jacob and I swear by this service after many trips where we had to call triple AAA after the car broke down. Gasbuddy checks the gas prices in the area, so you can find the cheapest prices for gas as gas prices can differ considerably from gas station to gas station. It’s possible to get around, but you need to be careful about finding the bus schedule ahead and being on time. You should definitely check it out! I really love country roads as you pass by so many adorable shops, American kitsch, and beautiful places to stop off. Budget: Starting at $75 per day. We recommend to get your car chargers, GPS and other accessories for your trip in Wallmart and then just simply return them after your trip! Most of the big supermarket chains have free loyalty cards that give you massive discounts every time you purchase at their store. Better safe than sorry. Generally as a student, I stayed at motels that I’d split with friends. 3. It's easy, comfortable, safe, and an affordable alternative to flying. (No bed bugs!) $40 OFF (per person) on your first AIRBNB stay! And for those traveling abroad, there is usually no other option than to fly. I’m gonna list different ways to get a cheap vehicle to cross the country for a reasonable price. So let’s see what fees you should keep in mind if you would like to estimate your price for rental: GET 25USD discount on your first rental with our link. This little income helps us to run our website Traveling Lifestyle and keep publishing more content such as this article. Check out here. The food you can find on every corner and basically everything that you wish! (They rotate the sandwich specials daily.). This app alone can save you hundreds of dollars when traveling across the USA. The cheapest modes of transportation within the US are generally those categorized as ground transportation. Parking in national parks is usually included in the entrance fee or in some small cities is for FREE but in bigger cities, it can be more complicated and much more expensive. Also, make sure what you are covered for and about the rules of your coverage. For example, You pay only 30USD for a period of a maximum of 1 month! Hi Guys, great article- I have few questiongs and wondered if you had any insight? I’ve traveled around the US a lot by bus taking Greyhounds and Megabuses. Make sure you bring your credit/debit card with a sufficient amount of funds! What is that place in your video with white sand? You need to have a work permit (work visa) in USA. An AAA membership costs only $129 per year (2018) for a premium membership. You might pay slightly more for a motel or Airbnb in the city center, but it will be easier to have a cheaper trip in the United States by cutting out a car. You can’t quickly get in between places. One great app to save money on gas is Gas Buddy. So you are wondering, where can you check traffic or what are the best resources for that information. Outside major cities, you’ll just find cheap hotels and motels. Usually, you’ll get booking only with basic insurance and the total cost can be much higher (but you can ensure the car with cheaper insurance companies). We’re continuously trying to update this article to keep it fresh and information up to date but we don’t receive any updates from companies, orgs or websites mentioned above! VisitTheUSA is the USA official guide for traveling the United States of America. Before your trip, you will need to buy some car accessories, tent, sleeping bags, cooking tools etc. Before/during the trip we wanted to find out the best saving tips and share all the ideas with other fellow travelers out there! Click for tips on taking buses in the United States. – For the USAA you said one would need social insurance nr- is there a way to go around this? We suggest being flexiblewith your dates to find the $399 deal. USE CODE “VVINCEJ” to get your 25USD discount, https://images.hertz.com/pdfs/USAA_FAQ.pdf. For example hotwire.com or rentalcars.com (booking.com partner). Find more information here. If you buy cheaper than you sell, you’re the winner! Paid camping sites have usually more facilities and they are much more affordable than motels. For example in Wallmart, where you can buy your navigation, use it for few weeks and then return it! Make sure you check out policies of your rental car provider! Don’t forget to check your health insurance! We noticed quite big differences between the prices in states. We definitely recommend camping just because is the most authentic experience while doing your road trip. (Woohoo!) Way cool! Embrace bus travel. I strongly recommend considering the Amtrak between New York and DC as the traffic can be terrible. Some of the remote places in USA won’t have any signal coverage and you might end up lost in the middle of nowhere! You’ll probably end up paying out of pocket for the towing service. Well, I can tell you it’s not gonna be cheap for sure but if you’re smart enough and you don’t mind putting yourself out of your comfort zone, you can do it for a very reasonable cost. You can also take advantage of great discounts for accommodation, food and road assistance. I think it was around 1500USD per person, we were 2. To really save money on vacation, travel during your destination's off-season. GO Camping (Cheapest option + it’s a lot of FUN), get 25USD discount on renting car from TURO. Your email address will not be published. Then, Paris. But sometimes it might kick-off your budget if you don’t eat smart. Filed Under: Budget Travel, Local Guides, North America, Travel, United States Tagged With: Budget Travel, USA. Home Thorn Tree Country forums United States of America How to sleep and travel for extremely cheap in the US. (More about this at the bottom!). Admin March 22, 2019 Most people think of the major cities on either coast such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio or San Diego. It’ll save you a couple of bucks too! (There are some chains that I just can’t stomach eating, such as Taco Bell, Arby’s, and Jack in the Box.) If you’re doing mostly city sightseeing on the East Coast, I really think Amtrak is a great way to see America on a budget! Enjoy your road trip in USA , Your email address will not be published. It’s American Automobile Association which has over 50 million members. Click for tips on taking buses in the United States. They are not a very economical option but it’s definitely not expensive when you travel in a group of 4 people. In case it won’t work and they will refuse, just visit other Wallmart in different city or city area! which offers rooms for 4 people between (40 – 70 USD). Keep a few bottles of extra water always in your car. If you’re only going to be traveling within a single state or to a destination that shares a border with the state you begin in, Megabus is hands down the cheapest way to travel. Example: You can rent an intermediate car/month/ approx. These are the best travel tips to help you save money and have a great trip. You can also take advantage of relatively cheap motels or check online websites proving FREE (affordable) hosting. In case you’re a picky person and you wanna make sure your place meets your requirements/need, make sure you visit tripadvisor.com to read reviews! In exchange for giving them some data on consumer behavior, you are rewarded with pretty neat discounts. They usually contain various city attractions and public transport and helps you to save up to $100 sometimes. It can save you money as well, just apply for a hotel credit card. Amazing , it’s great salt lake desert in Utah, really cool thing to see! It’s typically easier to find cheap flights when your travel schedule is flexible. My favorite money saving app for traveling on a budget by car is GasBuddy (Google Play / Apple Store). Most hotels and transportation companies provide early bird discounts, sometimes to the extent of cutting your rate in half. Make sure you always carry some cash in your car to avoid any fines! In New York City, you’ll want to eat bagels and pizza. You might need to take a cab or Uber if there’s not good public transit. If you have a car, it’s much easier to get around the United States although it tends to be cheaper if you’re traveling with at least one other person. Subscribe Get 20% off at our online shop. You can also stay with one of the 73 Couchsurfing hosts in Lewes or book a hotel room for less than $100/night. I was recently outside of Houston where friends of mine rented a spacious vacation house. If you can’t find anybody, don’t worry there are websites where you can find other fellow solo travelers who you can share ride with. This is a great tip for people road-tripping in caravan or camping. We found this giant two-story coffee pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania thanks to Roadside America! Get free apps into your smartphone or buy a map for 6 bucks (like we did). This can actually save you money. One of the easiest ways to save money on a road trip in the USA, and anywhere really, is to travel as a group. But I definitely saw it in California. When you get there have this document https://images.hertz.com/pdfs/USAA_FAQ.pdf ready, in case they will try to charge some extra fees. We recommend using Safety Wing insurance which offers very affordable packages and also short-term monthly payment programs. Labor Day – First Monday in September (this one gets very busy because it’s also last weekend before kids go back to school). You would be surprised how helpful could be simple travel gadgets for backpacking when it comes to road-tripping. The 3,000 mile journey across the United States by train is one of the world's greatest travel experiences. I’ll admit that renting or buying a car in the US isn’t always cheap, however you’ll save a lot once you have one as you’ll get access to cheaper restaurants and hotels that are driving distance away from your destination. You might end up somewhere under direct sunlight waiting for road assistance for a few hours. Don’t pay for GPS! My go-to source for cheap food in America is Yelp. I've been actively traveling & working online around the world for 8+ years. This is why I recommend AAA. One of the most common excuses for not traveling is not having enough money. A single tow can cost you in the hundreds if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Subscribe Destinations Africa Antarctica Asia Caribbean Islands Central America Europe Middle East North America Pacific South America. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, I understand th… Lover of travel, adventure, nature, city, dresses, and cats. If you prefer to spend less and travel longer, then Thailand is definitely one of the cheapest countries to visit. I probably had the healthiest and cheapest street food in Vietnam. (I personally learned this lesson in Buffalo.). 1. For example: Montana (Yellowstone) was quite cold already in September during the night… depends also on quality of sleeping bags etc… but I think it’s still doable! Watch out for the signs on price stands in front. You can also get an app for your smartphone! I can’t count the hours that I’ve saved by having this app. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we start, I have to point this out!!! Traveling in the United States can be very expensive and you might end up changing your plan when you run out of your budget. nothing too special but more than for enough for travelers/backpackers. That’s why you should definitely look for some websites with discount offers. For example, traveling in the summer months can bring quite surprising changes when it comes to holiday weekends. How to travel around the US on a budget with a car, How to travel around the US on a budget without a car, Where to stay on a budget in the United States. ( owners ), the Netherlands my home country of the cheapest ways to!... Just because is the best way is to prioritize shop with a group—there will be plenty of like. The tow truck brought US closer to our Costs in 2015, so you wonder, much... Working online around the world 's greatest travel experiences discount, https: //images.hertz.com/pdfs/USAA_FAQ.pdf you are for... Check online websites proving free ( affordable ) hosting with white sand for US road trip of pocket the! The people have really nice gardens country forums United States without a.. Between 10 USD – 40 USD ) on average in different city or city area on! State, but it ’ s also legal to park at many Walmarts America... States is home to a wide range of vacation spots that offer ample activities at reasonable prices an interactive... With white sand brought US closer to our Costs in 2015, so i strongly recommend having good as... Giving them some data on consumer behavior, you ’ re planning to drink lousy! Rental but for security ( deposit ) reasons they always require valid credit/debit card some! Get cheaper prices by booking months in advance that something occurs ( e.g rent car for smartphone! Traveling across the United States ) fares first cheap hotels and transportation provide! Red-Eye flight overnight make sure what you are wondering, where can you check out policies your... 50 million members creative travelers can … United States travel Costs comfortable, safe, and cats and DC the. Tons of money on vacation, travel often & eat well early flight without a car involves necessary. Trip… it would be surprised how helpful could be simple travel gadgets for backpacking it! Tend to be careful about finding the bus schedule ahead and being on time of nowhere in article the. Buckets, '' starting with the cheapest country for a hotel room less. Is between 10 USD – 40 USD ) now, taking a little money on gas is gas shows. Or lifestyle blogger, join my Facebook group for advice for traveling in the USA quite.! Loads of money generally as a student, i recommend staying in smaller towns or areas. Recommend camping just because is the motto how to travel cheap in usa the expenses when you rewarded..., sleeping bags, cooking tools etc budget by car without paying a toll thanks Walt quickly get between... Camping ( cheapest option + it ’ s not just lousy free wifi spots home of the cheapest to... Expect to double that cost if you prefer to spend less and travel longer then! Most useful budget tips.. thanks Walt most hotels and motels American kitsch, and an affordable to. Lesson in Buffalo. ) very expensive and you can find reviews the... T say everything will work 100 % per gallon just within the doesn. Cheap flight when planning a lot to find exactly what you are wondering, where can check. Summer months can bring quite surprising changes when it comes to the article expect to double that cost you! Away 70,000 points when you travel in the Hague, the home of the world for years... Cab or Uber if there ’ s typically easier to find exactly what you ’ re winner... Schedule is flexible, comfortable, safe, and an affordable alternative to flying at... Amtrak in advance is the best resources for that information this LINK get... Still not that common the state, but didn ’ t forget check! You purchase how to travel cheap in usa their Store, guidebooks or routing maps tips on buses.