Business Office; 38 Beechwood Ave., Kingston 5, Jamaica Tel: (876) 926-6449 Fax: (876)926-6264 Welcome to Walkerswood's United Kingdom distributors page. AML/ WALKERSWOOD . 400g can red kidney beans, drained . If you require any further information please email us at DISTRIBUTION 1tbsp thyme leaves. Detailed measurements and instructions can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page.. Make the spice blend: Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.Recipe will yield about 1/2 cup. Where to Buy - United Kingdom . We can deliver to China, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Jordan and many more destinations around the world. How To Make Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Jerk Marinade Sauce. Serves: 4 Ready in: 30 minutes Price per serving: £1.38 Ingredients. Lime wedges, to serve From delicious Christmas dinner centrepieces to mouthwatering side dishes and spectacular desserts, here's everything you need to keep the crowds happy this winter. 1kg frozen spicy chicken wings. 1tbsp hot pepper sauce . 600g frozen white rice. See more ideas about vegetarian christmas dinner, meat free recipes, vegetarian christmas. 300g coleslaw. Get a taste of the Caribbean islands with this homemade jerk sauce. Nov 1, 2020 - Festive and delicious meat-free recipes to rustle up over the Christmas season and New Year's. Marks and Spencer offer a great arrangement of sauces to accompany any meal, ranging from Brown Sauce, Seafood Sauce, Caesar Dressing and Classic French Dressing. 1 onion, finely chopped. Sep 1, 2020 Quin Liburd. 1tbsp rapeseed oil. To make the dressing, put 2tbsp of the olive oil with the garlic, lime juice and hot pepper It's best used as a … Jerk seasoning and hot sauce give this dish a sizzling taste of the Caribbean. By Quin Liburd. Rating for calorie-counters: 5/10 Cal: 121 (per 100 grams) Fat: 0.2g Saturated fat: Sat fat free! 2tsp jerk seasoning.