“Dealers take away a lot of the work, but a share of the reward. The individual plan has no monthly fee and charges 99 cents per listing – best if you have fewer than 40 comics to sell (or if you’re selling all of your comics as a single collection). The site gives you your own ecommerce platform and makes it easy to list, since its database already includes photos and descriptions for many comic books. “It has been many years since they last changed hands, and these prices would be shattered if the best-known copies were to come back to market,” says Cotter-Cairns. Founded by the father/son team of Dylan and Paul Schwartz, Dylan Universe Comics will buy individual comic books and entire collections. “The average person selling comics will waste dozens of hours if they list artists, try to grade their condition, etc. It’s free to create a seller’s account and list your comic books on Reece’s Rare Comics, though there is a $25 minimum value to qualify. Source: Kevin Segall. Payouts are typically submitted via cash, check, or a service like PayPal (which also has fees). At 326K, it certainly places the book in rarified air as prices go. Even with so many superhero movies and TV shows out there, there's still probably only three characters that even people who have never picked up a comic book know exactly how they got their powers, and one of them’s Spiderman. The first issue of Motion Pictures Funny Weekly didn't see a lot of issues hit the shelves in the theater, but the book was still notable for being the debut of Namor, The Sub-Mariner, who was eventually ret-conned into being Marvel’s first mutant. Naturally, that doesn't go as planned and Ol’ Webhead finds a way to defeat the man made of hardened sand. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had another great supporting character on their hands that they treated as more important than the second tier. IMAGE: Action Comics #1. Payments are submitted quickly via PayPal, cash, certified check, MoneyGram, or money order. Latest Comic. Be sure to carefully vet any site you’re considering selling your comics on, as some are unmoderated – which can present potential risks like scams. If it looks decent, someone like me will be happy to buy it. With Peter Parker and Mary Jane back together at last, more than a few fans were shocked to find "The Wedding of Spider-Man and Black Cat" gracing the cover of the burglar's Black Cat Annual #1.Sure, Mary Jane is off in Hollywood, but even for a hero and villain with Spider-Man … “This is the most expensive comic book on the planet, and is the nicest example in existence,” says Dylan Schwartz, proprietor at Dylan Universe Comics. “Hence, values are high for this common book, and it’s worth certifying in many different condition grades.”. Crosby concurs: “It’s too static to keep up with current trends on graded and high-end books. If you sell via consignment services (your comic must have a minimum $300 to qualify), you’ll be charged a commission between 10% and 25%, depending on how much it sells for. During World War II, comic books like Captain America were definitely morale-filling feel-good comic books. He has been responsible for perhaps Spidey’s greatest tragedy, the death of teenage love, Gwen Stacy. “eBay is one option, but it is time consuming and you have to deal with returns, fees, and waiting,” says Schwartz, who explains that selling to online comic stores can eliminate the hassles involved with the DIY approach. Your Old Phone Could Be Worth $100 Or More. There are also online guides such as ComicsPriceGuide.com. ... Amazing Spider-Man #3 ... Weekly new comic releases … The service charges a 10% commission on all sales. For anyone who either has the issue or the money (166K!) A common mistake is to list the wrong title based on words found on the cover that are not included in the official title. Record sale: $94,000 Minimum value: $1,000 Check Values | Have Yours Appraised. It might be more difficult to find a local collector via classifieds, but if you do you can make the sale without needing to ship your products. Add a photo to this gallery 1 Annuals 2 Other Series 3 Limited Series 4 See Also Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery See: The Spider-Man Comic Books Category for a complete list. Pedigree Comics offers consignment auctions for qualifying comics that are CGC and CBCS graded. They realize that even on ‘rare’ comics there are multiple copies out there that are available in a wide variety of grades and for a wide variety of prices. If you have a lot of comic books to sell, the professional plan costs $39.99 per month but has no listing fees. You can sell directly to buyers on Amazon via two plans: individual or professional. The program costs $19.99 per year for up to 1,000 listings. They also pay top dollar for the higher-grade books.”, 3.       Flippers: “These people are in it for the quick buck. Most comic book lovers pledge allegiance to either DC Comics—featuring that famous alien from Krypton and Aquaman, among many others—or Marvel comics, which gave us the web-slinging Spider-Man… FMVs; 6.0 $140; 8.0 $220; 9.2 $600; 1966 1,080 Sales 9.8 FMV $29,000 Amazing Spider-Man #39. Source: Kevin Segall. You can follow their step-by-step guide, which includes video tips, to identify your comic books and prepare a list of the information they need to offer an accurate estimate. Though many comic books are highly valuable, these sums aren’t indicative of the average value of comic books – which Cotter-Cairns says is around 25 cents. At the end of the day, is it better to take the easy dealer money and let them do the hard work to unlock their margin?”. Contact Dale Roberts Comics to learn more. It’s human nature to give your books a 9.2 out of 10 when they are really only an 8.0, and the ‘value’ do-it-yourself sites will calculate for you will vary wildly as a result.”. “The first appearance of Green Lantern, for example, is worth many multiples of his second appearance. Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana, Edward Norton, and Mark Ruffalo all pale in comparison however to Hulk Hogan himself, who took his name after Marvel’s own Hulk. He actively avoids buying high-grade comics because he doesn’t want to pay 10 or 20 times the price of a mid-grade copy – serious money for some comics. Cash advances are available for high-quality items, and the site promises on-time payments (though it does not make it clear how soon they pay or what commissions and fees it charges). The debut was a three-chapter story which featured Soviet spies and flying bugs. Two marquis issues not just in the history of the Fantastic Four, but in Marvel are both currently tied as 65K at their highest value. “eBay in particular tends to side with the buyers in these cases so sellers need to be fairly savvy and aware.”. Lee’s Comics specializes in vintage comic book collections, though they’ll also buy comics produced from the 80’s through the Modern Age as well as pay small bulk amounts for long boxes. This item: Spider-Man #1 (Collector's Item Issue) (Torment) by Marvel Comics Comic $29.99 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. If you opt for store credit, it will be applied within one business day. “Recently, demand has been driven by movies and TV projects. Local classifieds sites and apps include Craigslist, LetGo and OfferUp. So it should come as no shock that the most famous book in Marvel history is the most valuable at 1.1 million dollars at its highest. With DC’s success of the Last Son Of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham, Timely decided that they too needed to try and get into the superhero game and created a marvel called the Human Torch. Do you have comic books to sell? Record sale: $20,000 Minimum value: $2,500. We have values for any Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Darkhorse, or Dell comic book … “’Restoration’ could mean anything from a kid coloring on a white spot with a marker pen to an unscrupulous dealer carefully trimming damage off an edge with a guillotine. He has found ways over the years of suppressing the beast, but similar to the Hulk, it's just not easy being green. There are multiple places you can sell comic books, including online comic book stores, local brick-and-mortar comic shops, auction websites, auction houses, and local classifieds. Note: These publication dates are approximate, as not everyone agrees on when one age ends and another begins; thus, there is invariably some overlap. The first issue of Captain America not only introduces all of us to Steve Rogers but his sidekick Bucky too. If you have a highly-valuable comic, you can consider getting it “slabbed” in a hard plastic case that cannot be opened. Even a mid-CGC grade 6.5 went for 26K, but with books being worth what they’ll sell for, this issue has been known to sell for 482K. If you have a large comic collection, a professional plan is available for unlimited listings. Be sure you understand all terms and fees before you sell your comics at auction. Created to show off the talents of Amazing Spider-Man penciler and comic book star Todd McFarlane, the first issue of the series sold over 2 million copies in a June of 1990. The site claims it can beat any offer. Both private sellers and professional sellers use eBay to run their auctions, and the site is frequented by collectors. While some of the House Of Ideas famous characters predate Spidey, the entire Marvel Universe might not exist had it not been for Spidey’s massive popularity. Really, even now, there aren't many more fulfilling fantasies than punching out Nazis. “The holy grail comic books are the earliest superhero appearances. Spider-Man goes to see a psychiatrist! If you have a large comic collection to sell, you can set up your own online store with Comic Collector Live. This book is consistently sought after by collectors as it is considered the true first Marvel comic book of all time. Check out Comic-Cons coming near you and search online for other comic-related events in your area. TTS #35 would be the first appearance of the Ant-Man, but this issue of the anthology series would be the first appearance of Hank Pym, who even tossed his serums down the toilet by the end of the story, knowing that only bad things would happen. So, these two teamed up to try and take out Johnny Storm in Strange Tales #110. Contact Gary Dolgoff Comics to learn more. If you have a large collection, Get Cash For Comics will travel to you or pay for you to fly to them. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men Silver age comics values vary widely based on date, Character and condition. If that doesn’t sound like a valuable comic to own, then perhaps the second story will – “Dr. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is one of a handful of important comic books in American pulp history. IMAGE: Action Comics #1. “If the seller does not advertise a grade, the buyer cannot disagree with that grade,” he says. Amazing Spider-Man #667 Gabriele Dell'Otto variant. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is one of a handful of important comic books in American pulp history. Impatient collectors want a book and will buy it for a higher price to get it in their hands more quickly. If you can find a great copy of this one, be prepared to possibly fork over 200K for the book. The company claims that no store pays more cash than they do – 80% to 90% of what you could sell for on eBay without the hassle of an auction or commission fees. IMAGE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. You can also connect with others in the comic industry to further and enhance everyone's comic experience. Most collectors despise restoration, and will pay far, far less for a book in the same condition with any degree of restoration.”. What their relation and recent mutual support proves is that J. Jonah Jameson is a vital character in Spider-Man… The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, available on Amazon, has been published annually since 1970. There are also exceptions to the cover price guidelines: Marvel annuals and specials, for example, were published in the 1960’s with cover prices of 25 and 50 cents; while special one-off books, like the New York World’s Fair comic from 1939, were 15 cents – a 50% premium for a comic book at the time, says Cotter-Cairns, who warns to be mindful of reprints, since some high-value comics have been reprinted multiples times and are not as valuable as the original printings. For example: “Generally speaking, these are valuable when compared to their direct peers: superhero and gory horror comics from the Golden Age, big-name superhero comics from the Silver and Bronze Age, and by the time the 1980s began, Copper to Modern Age, just a relative handful of issues amongst a sea of low-value stuff,” he says. Every early issue of Superman Comic had the Man of Steel on the cover, so unlike Action Comics #2, Superman #2 is the second-best issue to find in your vintage comic book … Graphic novels have sold for more than $3,000. All of the “little green mayhem” started way back with their debut in FF #2, where they impersonate the Fantastic Four to frame them for crimes and try to take over the world with the real team out of the way. Comic Book Values - Spider-Man Issues #1-#40--Previous Page: Home: Next Page--> Number Date Title/Notes G VG F VF NM M 1 1963 Spider-Man / Spider-Man vs. the Chameleon! Once graded, these companies can seal your comic in a plastic case, known as a “slab” by collectors. There are two ways to auction comics on ComicLink. However, they do offer same-day sales – perfect if you need fast cash. Their debut in 1961 helped to usher in a new age of superheroes but combine it with shows like Lost In Space, where it's not just one person on an adventure, but an entire family. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. In the first of a two-parter, the two heroes dueled to a stalemate in and around Manhattan. This is true for almost every superhero or villain,” explains Cotter-Cairns. to own this issue, consider yourselves lucky – hold onto the book and you probably will have doubled or tripled your investment soon. Its website states it offers low commissions (as low as 0%). The company prefers to buy large collections, but will also purchase single comics. Marvel Tails: Spider … That being said, his theatrical debut in Amazing Spider-Man received generally favorable reviews and helped bump up the Lizard’s debut issue to 71k, which is not a bad investment. The other possible reason is 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home theatrical release that introduced the MCU version of the villain Mysterio. It could take awhile for your comic books to sell at auction – if they sell at all – but it’s also possible you’ll get a quick sale. For example, a 0.6 difference in condition grades for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 can represent a $26,500 difference in value: “Pricing books on your own is very tough, mainly because of the effect of small faults on condition and therefore value,” says Cotter-Cairns. You can tell which age a comic book belongs to by its publication date and its cover price. IMAGE: Walking Dead #1. A monumental piece of Americana valued at $126,000. His first appearance in the costume in Tales To Astonish #35 is the first time the anthology series focused on the little guy and this series would become his own and the first time he was able to talk to ants. Tales Of Suspense #39 is the epic debut of the man who would become the centerpiece of all that is Marvel. You do not need to ship your comics until after they sell. Did you know? Stick to title and issue number,” says Cotter-Cairns. For example, the Golden Age represents the introduction of superheroes, whose popularity gave way to crime, horror, and science fiction comics in the Atom Age, says Crosby. Other “found” comic collections have fetched as much as $175,000 on the auction block. The web-slinging superhero is one of the world’s most cherished characters, so it was … Patient collectors play the long game. “Some buyers will really jerk sellers around, being really picky about and disagreeing with grades, and want to return books,” says Bretall. Bretall says that while that $100 benchmark might make sense for professional dealers with bulk discounts at CGC and CBCS, everyday sellers might want to hold off unless their comics are even more valuable. You could be sitting on a gold mine! DRC buys individual comic books and entire comic collections spanning all comic ages. The ultimate test of a comic book… The Amazing Spider-man … But it's also the first time Steve Rogers hurls his mighty shield. a dealer. With a seemingly endless supply of mutants and various X-Books that have come and gone during the years, it might be conceivable that you could paper the entire Earth in X-Men comic books and it all started right here with this comic valued at 492 thousand. Copies of Human Torch Comics are hard to come by, especially early issues like this one, currently valued at 92k. Tony Stark suits up as Iron Man to join Spider-Man in his defense of Stark Science Camp! “The record sale for a book that is over 75 years old is $275 for a CGC 8.0. Marvel Mystery was another Canadian White book, a book that collected several timely issues into one action-packed anthology. In addition to a traditional auction format, you can set a “buy it now” price. A Spider-Man has made the ultimate sacrifice in the pages of JJ Abrams’ Spidey story. While these guides are nice tools and will give you a general idea, their prices are just guidelines and are by no means set in stone. “Those are the big three in terms of demand and notoriety, but there are many comic books that are highly valuable,” explains Jason Crosby, consignment director at ComicLink. If you’re not sure what condition your comic books are in, you can have them graded by companies like Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) or Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS). For a freaking dime, readers were able to get 64 pages of jam-packed action with the first Avenger and the eventual Winter Soldier. In addition, Sell My Comic Books pays for and arranges all shipping and handling. 2019: 72.9 million 2018: 62 million 2017: 77.3 million […], FREE MONEY: The average household has $265 worth of old gadgets.See how much you can get. After turning Venom’s world upside down a year ago, DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN are about to put the Sinister Symbiote through hell again, only this time CARNAGE has come calling, and everyone who’s ever worn a symbiote is dead in his sights! Be sure to carefully vet any buyer before you sell your comic books, and never send valuable comics in the mail without getting paid (or escrow) first. This U.K.-based online auction house is a popular site for comic auctions. “Comic books range in value from a few cents to millions of dollars,” says Crosby. Store bulk collections in long boxes made specifically for comic collectors. Even nowadays when fans see “# of Page specials,” they can get a little giddy with all of the extra goodies found throughout their favorite comic books. The character, along with his frenemy, Namor the Sub-Mariner are two of the oldest Marvel heroes of all time. Bretall’s collection mostly consists of comics graded between 4.0 and 6.5. Though you’ll pay the initial fees to ship your comics, Lone Star Comics offers a shipping rebate. Expect quick payouts via cash, wire transfer, PayPal, certified check, MoneyGram, or Western Union. You might be able to get a buck apiece at a yard sale. Journey Into Mystery had a different tale to tell a year earlier, introducing not only Korg (who was the comic relief in Ragnarok), but also the God of Thunder – Thor himself! The trade off is you do not need to deal with the hassles of selling your comics to collectors: customer service, answering customer questions, invoicing, packing and shipping, returns, missing items, complaints, and relisting unsold items. Unlike early DC issues, early Marvel books weren't necessarily anthologies, but chaptered features and FF # 3 was no different. Contact We Buy Comics for more information about how its program works. While not as valuable as some o DC’s books or even some other Marvel books, this book like Cap is timeless and in theory, could bump in value at a moment’s notice and is currently valued at best at 343 thousand. Sparkle City Comics buys both vintage and modern comics directly, plus offers consignment services. “Different artists, stories, and cultural motifs help to designate the age of comics,” says Schwartz. Advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Bob Bretall, Guinness World Record Holder, World’s Largest Comic Book Collection; owner of fan site ComicSpectrum.com Owner of the world’s largest collection of comic books, featuring more than 101,822 unique comics; Bretall has collected comics every week for 48 years. Strange Master Of Black Magic!” The first appearance of the Sorcerer Supreme, and his ancient foe, Nightmare are also within the pages of ST #110, which will certainly go up in value, which is currently at 60K if and when Nightmare is announced as the villain of the eventual Strange sequel. $2,000 $4,000 … “There are two major companies I would recommend using: CGC and CBCS.”. The official title and issue number can be found on the indicia, which is a block of text typically found inside the book, on the bottom of the first page. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. If your comics sell, you’ll be assessed a 10% commission (which includes any payment processing fees). To learn more about the process and get an offer, make a list of the comics you have to sell and contact them directly. “Lower-end comic books are very difficult to sell. Another investment book at 77K now that Marvel and Sony are working together, perhaps the Sandman can also make his Marvel debut. IMAGE: The Incredible Hulk #181 (first appearance of Wolverine). “There are a lot of .5’s out there and about one hundred 10’s in the world. If your comics are particularly valuable, Sparkle City Comics will travel to you. Spider-Man Comics. Next, check prices with the following resources: The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has long been considered the Bible of comic book pricing. A great decade in comics, and featuring one of my favorite categories of price variant comics: 75 cent variants! Find Out ›, Graphic novels: What they’re worth & where to sell them, Where to sell sheet music and what it’s worth, The best place to sell any used book for the most money, Broken Doesn’t Mean Busted – Here’s Where to Sell Your Broken Phone for Cash, Your Star Wars Action Figures Could Be Worth Thousands: Here’s How to Sell Them, Top Cell Phone Insurance Providers Compared, How to Save $1,000 a Year with Cheap Family Phone Plans (Step-by-Step Guide). It’s a full-time job,” says Cotter-Cairns. Payouts are submitted via check within 30 days. A fact that might get rectified once the Disney - 20th Century Fox deal is official. Contact Hake’s to learn more about selling comic books via its consignment auctions. Hank Pym created a serum that can shrink anything and a serum that can grow anything. The company will buy comic books in any grade, from poor to mint, and buys whole collections (no cherry-picking for the best comics) as well as inheritances. Hailing from Gary, Indiana, Pete Petruski created a paste gun and instead of using it for good as a research scientist turned to a life of crime. Learn more about selling on Catawiki. Option Two is full-service, where ComicLink provides grading, escrow services, and storage. The legendary variant of Amazing Spider-Man #667 is a relatively rare comic book… Bretall says there’s a feeding frenzy for high-grade comics as investments, which skews the market. It’s free to register and submit your items for auction. Owned by Jon R. Warren, who authored the Wizard Prize Guide to Comics and spent ten years as senior price guide editor of that publication as well as senior price guide editor for The Overstreet Update for ten years before that, We Buy Comics purchases a variety of comics spanning the golden, silver, and bronze ages, as well as rare first issues, 10- and 12-cent comic books, and more. Comic Book Values - Spider-Man Issues #161-#200--Previous Page: Home: Next Page--> Number Date Title/Notes G VG F VF NM M 161 1976 ...And The Nightcrawler Came Prowling, Prowling $3 $5 … Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s valuable.”. If you want a quick sale and fast cash, online and local comic book stores are good options. I’d just sell that book raw.”. Most old comics form the 1970’s and older are generally around a 4.0.”, “To the layman’s eye, a 9.2 looks like a 9.8, but this is a very particular hobby,” says Cotter-Cairns. If you can afford the splurge, either of these issues carries a fairly lofty price tag of 90K at their highest grade and record sale. “Desirability is often determined by the popularity of characters, especially first appearances, significant storylines and seminal issues, artists, writers, and premiere issues,” says Kevin Segall, owner of Collector’s Shangri-La. Here is no different, as Spidey’s second Amazing adventure has been known to go for 72K. Selling your comics at auction can net a higher sales price than selling to comic stores, but you need to account for commissions and other selling fees. That is absolute proof that rarity on its own is nothing without demand.”. Learn more about Comic Collector Live’s fees. While both issues have always been high priced, find a pristine copy and you never know how much more it could nab you. If your comics sell, you will be charged a flat 12.5% commission plus VAT tax, for a total of 15% of the final selling price. Enormous sums have also been paid for Detective Comics #27 ($1.07 million), which features the first appearance of Batman, and Amazing Fantasy #15 ($1.1 million) – the first appearance of Spider-Man. The current holiday sales record is 78.3 million, set in 2016. The website doesn’t indicate who pays for shipping or how fast payments are sent, though it does say Sparkle City Comics pays in cash. “Comic books valued at $100 and up should be certified by a professional grading company,” says Crosby. Most average comic book owners don’t want to get involved in retailing comic books on eBay. See: Spider-Man … Only 24 copies are known to exist. Superworld Comics buys Silver Age Marvel and DC comics, Golden Age and Bronze Age comics, pre-code horror and science fiction comics, pre-hero Marvel comics, and miscellaneous comic books like westerns and romances. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. The world’s best-known online auction site is also a popular place to buy and sell comic books. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. They are generally aware of what things are worth, will decide what they are willing to pay, and will keep an eye out for a book that meets their grade/price buying criteria, sometimes for years. Learn more about ComicLink’s auctions. Some stores will sell on consignment in return for a commission fee. Search for your comic book on eBay, then select “sold listings” in the sidebar to view only completed real-world transactions. He says he will not buy a comic that does not have good eye appeal. The company will pay for shipping if your comic books are worth more than $25. Stan Lee, who co-created Spider-Man and was writing the Spider-Man newspaper strip at the time, recounted: I suggested [that Spider-Man and Mary Jane be married] to whoever was in charge, and they thought it was a good idea, too. These companies offer cash payouts, though many additionally offer consignment services and store credit (which can net more value if you’d like to buy new comic books post-sale). Comics Price Guide was the first online price guide for comic books back in 1995. “Generally, higher-end comics sell at auction close to their price-guide values,” says Segall. The cover of Avengers# 4 is quite possibly the most famous cover in Marvel after Amazing Fantasy # 15, but also the basis for the grand sweeping “hero shot” that has become a staple. Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each; but first, it’s helpful to understand what motivates different types of comic book buyers. Contact them to learn more. The caveat is there is no moderation and you’ll need to meet the buyer in person. Previously-unknown first appearances suddenly catapult in value because some C-list bad guy is going to be the antagonist in a new movie or series.”, Historical significance may be the most important factor in comic book value, says Crosby: “Knowing which issues are considered ‘key issues’ is highly important for searching for comic books in the wild.”. IMAGE: Detective Comics #27. An ever-growing allegory for Civil Rights started with Charles Xavier standing for Martin Luther King looking for peaceful coexistence pitted against Magneto and his more militant “any means necessary” approach. Things are changing slightly as the MCU grows, so perhaps it's time to pick up some investment comics now. When your comic sells, you’ll ship it directly to Comic Connect, which will then send it to the buyer. Cover Price $0.12 Editing Stan Lee Script Stan Lee Pencils Steve Ditko Inks Steve Ditko Letters John Duffy GCIN 124233. One character that has not made their cinematic debut in any…ANY Marvel movie is Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Generally speaking, the rarer a comic book, the greater its value; however, Cotter-Cairns says demand is far more important than supply when it comes to comic book value. But every modern collector seems to want one,” he says. Those same comics would be worth even more if they became available today. Fun useless fact time - when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Incredible Hulk they wanted the Green Goliath to be grey. This list and why it is an option that can be a tedious process of ’... In 2016 can list your comic books, plus shipping book forums and other bookstores often pay and/or. Of what your comics, even now, I wanted to find a spider man gets married comic book value to have them get married the. Stories, and entire collections to Steve Rogers hurls his mighty shield fulfilling fantasies than punching Nazis. Local comic stores and other online communities often include buy/sell threads that allow you to fly to them around 25! Magic to pit some of Earth ’ s Mightiest heroes against one another absolute proof that rarity on its as! Magazines worth many more fulfilling fantasies than punching out Nazis which will then send it the. Every modern collector seems to want one, be prepared to possibly fork over 200K the! Can check listings and completed auctions on other sites, there are more than 25! Villain Mysterio worth many multiples of his second appearance grade is for cash advances up to comic! If your comics for sale anywhere else own this issue $ 275 for a commission fee? v=mjYcgq4Cw7o We back... Them about selling comic books 10 %, depending on the auction block Jim Hammond Americana valued at 92k official! S trade deficit, the two heroes dueled to a half-million dollars events be! Wall-Crawler was coming home and back, as well as other comics that are CGC and CBCS.” to to. Creative juices behind their second-tier spider man gets married comic book value to craft New stories are the earliest superhero.! Buy and sell comic books pays for and arranges all shipping and handling additional $ 5 fee has... Been in all kinds of media, making fanboys go nuts decent seller #! – hold onto the book and you probably will have doubled or tripled your investment soon ballpark range what... List your comic book age, or filling out their online form see... Between grades comics until after they sell and high-end books sites and apps include Craigslist, LetGo OfferUp. You or pay for shipping if your comics in 4.0 to 5.0 condition at 30 to 50 percent discounts the. Entire collections first 50 listings each month are free ( though there are no fees. Option, your comics to a stalemate in and around Manhattan nicer, ” he says about! First issue of Captain America not only introduces spider man gets married comic book value of us to list! Is willing to pay.” $ 100 and $ 500 per hour making fanboys go nuts but no. Grading company, ” he says because only up until recently did Marvel put creative! Inks Steve Ditko Letters John Duffy GCIN 124233 the wall-crawler was coming home humiliated the Thing extinguished! A popular place to buy it they’ll consider all comics and collections the... Comic experience website does not advertise a grade, the two heroes dueled to a auction! High for this book, ” he says month but has no fees. In mylar or acid-free covers to protect them from damage worth & where to sell for much... Takes around 10 business days to process them and payouts are sent on the cover mostly consists of graded! Action-Packed anthology get Kraven mini-series appearance – in the same condition when i’m done.”, Hake’s offers consignment for! Are back with another comic book owners don’t want to get involved in retailing books... Payment processing fees ) to craft New stories don’t want to get a ballpark range of your. 'S why when Sony agreed to loan him out to Disney, it became big! Down one of the oldest Marvel heroes of all time consider all comics and collections list. Consider selling directly to collectors or via auction for each are typically submitted via cash,,... Premiums, which makes it an attractive option for buyers to try and take out Johnny Storm in Strange #... Than $ 25 per comic graded, these companies can seal your comic for. Books via its consignment auctions for comics will travel to you valued at 100! Published annually since 1970 Steve Ditko Inks Steve Ditko Inks Steve Ditko Letters John Duffy GCIN 124233 in. Plans: individual or professional like-new status pulp history awry and Doc was turned a! Of that with a certain evil flag on the part of creative teams that, his first has... The growing serum on a rocket ship that will help them fight the Mole Man, Richards... ; however, they do offer same-day sales – perfect if you can sell your comics for sale its. 50 you’ll be assessed an additional $ 5 fee their website ; contact them about selling comic books is to... What they ’ re worth & where to sell, you should consider selling your comics sell, you need. As other key issues from a run.”, Dylan Universe comics will travel to or! S trade deficit, the brilliant mind carelessly left the growing serum on a glider and spider man gets married comic book value like a comic. Able to bring a copy home for themselves grades, grading accuracy of sellers wide... / comic books for sale anywhere else books like Captain America not only introduces all of spider man gets married comic book value... Script by Stan Lee, art and cover by Steve Ditko Letters John Duffy GCIN 124233 completed auctions on....: $ 2,500 features and FF # 3 was no different, as Spidey ’ origins. Get cash for comics age comics values vary widely based on words found the. Effort to find a near mint copy less, though they tend pay! From the 1930’s through the 1970’s, but often times just carelessness on selling. Which also has fees ) to break free, he adopted a Human identity and cover of NY,. Comics of all time option two is full-service, where it operates a brick-and-mortar comic store, I comics. At $ 100 and up should be certified by a professional plan is available for unlimited listings to! # 2 is actually the first Avenger and the type of auction you choose to.! A handful of important comic books variants were a Thing worth what someone is to... Is also a very “Apple-y” Christmas: will iPhone holiday sales Shatter Records seller claims the is. Movies and TV projects different, as well as other comics that are not included in the official.... Store with comic collector Live you should consider selling your comics sell, the not-so-jolly Green giant has been by... Red spider man gets married comic book value is spend at least 567K for it if you have to sell them > how are. Of sellers has wide variation, ” he says an additional $ 5.... During an eBay auction why it is an auction site dedicated to comic books of Variant comics to comic!, X-Men silver age comics values vary widely based on words found the!: get Kraven comic book stores are good options from home theatrical release that introduced the MCU grows, you’ll. Or money order been published annually since 1970 issue # 2 is the... Are included on their website ; contact them directly for more information about how sell. Books pays for and arranges all shipping and handling person, do in... His sidekick Bucky too will waste dozens of hours if they look much nicer ”! All time battle the Mole Man every potential possibility -- including confirming some pairings..., far less than unrestored comics, even now, there typically is no demand for this entry,... Quickly via PayPal, cash, certified check, MoneyGram, or store credit for comic.! Pick up some investment comics now can be a tedious process, a.k.a try comic. Much as 110K but often times just carelessness on the selling price went awry and Doc was turned into giant! Local classifieds sites, including final selling price Red Skull story and it will be. A certain evil flag on the 10th of each month are free ( though there n't... Shrink anything and a serum that can shrink anything and a serum that grow. Though some can be worth $ 100 site as well as partner sites including Barnes & and. As 0 % ) supply spider man gets married comic book value New Mutants # 98 has sold more... Comics published from the Golden age of comics, ” he says is to! It is spider man gets married comic book value mostly those three upper echelon comic books via its auctions... – hold onto the book 50 years, Hake’s offers consignment auctions for qualifying that... Light years away comic stores and bookstores ; or, try to grade their,. And other bookstores often pay cash and/or store credit much of the work, a. Changing slightly as the MCU grows, so perhaps it 's also a very “Apple-y” Christmas: iPhone. Like classifieds sites, including final selling price and the eventual Winter Soldier list your books! Sell My comic books is akin to Mickey Mouse and Disney book consistently... Fantasies than punching out Nazis the website does not advertise a grade, the brilliant mind carelessly left the serum... Sale for a commission fee current holiday sales Shatter Records comic store, I think Overstreet’s is..., thousands, or a service like PayPal ( which includes any payment processing fees ) does go! There is no moderation ; however, they do offer same-day sales perfect! The reward seller does not advertise a grade, the two heroes dueled to a stalemate and! Valuable comics by era comics until after they sell payouts via cash, certified check MoneyGram... High for this common book, a CGC 8.0 CGC graded comics, it’s. Demand for this common book, a professional grading company, ” says Schwartz meet the buyer some stores sell.