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NYS Leadership Club is a one of its kind National Level Competition wherein your child will get multiple opportunities to face various challenges and emerge as a Leader.NYS Leadership Club is going to be a lifetime opportunity for all the students to participate and get an exposure on Leadership. It is a promise that you will learn something about yourself. We are Daring you to Dream.
This 3 DAY module of theatre workshop for students between the age of 9-18 years helps  to express themselves better and become more confident. Fun exercises and improvisation techniques will not only provide them with knowledge about the art of acting, but will also help them in overall personality development.  Each day of the 3 days, they will step-by-step learn how to open themselves, interact confidently and become spontaneous. They will also comprehend the difference between stage and street theatre and learn how to write scripts for the same too. At nurturing young seeds, our goal is to help each student explore experience and choose amongst the vast possibilities that the world outside school has to offer. This children’s theatre workshop conducted by NYS in collaboration with ZEE media will cultivate skills over time through rigorous activities, brainstorming and practices. “We look forward to stars that are born” to mark the beginning of their career as entertainers in their forthcoming life filled with immense confidence and perseverance. We have experts from Jan Natya Manch Theater to help us conduct this interesting workshop where we will be focusing on Mime and Monologue acting.    
A profession that is almost always in profit! This 1 day module will help the interested students understand the prerequisites of Architectural Designing, intricacies of Macro and Micro level drawings, comprehending climatically well designed buildings, etc. During the span of the workshop, students will interact with an expert, followed by research. After their research and development, they will through real-life examples understand and implement the nitty-gritty’s of architectural techniques in their project. They will understand designing a floor plan and will actually get to design one.
As glamorous as it sounds, this profession requires tons of hard-work with a bag full of creativity. Through this 1 day module, students will be able to form a good understanding of the fashion designing world if they want to pick this as their career. They will get a chance to learn about color patterns and palettes, silhouettes, styles,seasons, fabrics from the experts from this field. They will also understand how a fashion designer conceives garment combinations, proportion, color, and texture, sewing and pattern-making skills, etc. They will then conduct a thorough research on a given assignment by the expert and create a design of their own.
  This 1 day module has been designed to give students an insight into the creative and quirky world of advertising. They will learn about the types of ads in Print, Broadcast and Online media and how the process for creating them involves loads of hard work from various department of a single agency. This module will begin with a thorough interaction and discussion with an expert from this field. The students will get to understand each and every process that goes into designing a single Ad. From client servicing to planning to creative, this workshop will acquaint them with all the divisions.   During the workshop, students will have to come up with a product and its pitch. They will later have to present it in front of our expert and will be reviewed on the basis of the same.   Students would learn various advertising strategies that provide the framework for any businesses to develop and proliferate. This module will help them realize their creativity quotient and will indulge them in some fun-filled and interactive activities.          
  The Cineastas is a 1 WEEK program designed for young minds willing to create a story through the medium of visuals. This program aims to help students understand the concepts required to create a story that is aesthetically and technically sound. In this module students will be get to comprehend the process of how a story is made from scratch. During the 1 WEEK of the workshop, students will understand vital concepts such as story-boarding, scripting and editing. They will then have to conduct the production of their film and go out for shoots. Once they are back, they along with the help of our experts will edit their own films and give it final touches. Through these processes, they will understand the general and the most important concepts involved in creating the most perfect visuals for their script. From camera to editing techniques, this program will be enlightening, educating and not to forget, fun!  
This programme will cater to each and every youth. It is designed to help build on many skills, such as research, observations, interviewing and various style of writing. The format introduces them to an interdisciplinary learning method and motivates them to explore topics of their interest for deeper understanding. This program will give them first-hand experience of how news is collated, processed & disseminated through various media vehicles like TV, Newspaper & Online. We would like to emphasise that this programme is meant for all the youth, as journalism covers topics ranging from Sports, Entertainment, Social behaviour, Tourism, Political, Legal, Electronic, Defence, Wildlife, Economy, etc. Therefore, this, “communication and interpersonal skills workshop” would be a perfect grooming opportunity for the youth and it will help them discover where their passion lies.